The best poses to stretch & relax

We might not be aware, but our body reflects what our mind experience.

When we are under stress, our body reflects what our mind is going through. We bring our shoulders up, tighten our jaw, cross our legs too tight, curve our back, and the list of all stress-consequences goes on and on.

Anxiety, depression, back pain, neck pain, poor digestion, irritability, and mental breakdowns, are some of the effects of too much stress. If we take, only a few minutes a day to breathe and stretch, we will help our body to relax and to come back to a calmer state.

Here are a few stretches that are good for everybody.

Corporate Yoga
Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog: This pose stretches the full body and helps to alleviate back pain.

Bring your hands to the top of the mat and press your hips up into an inverted V. Relax your neck. Let your arms stretch, and your back to relax. Breath deeply through the pose.

Corporate Yoga
Childs Pose.

Childs Pose: This pose looks like you are not doing anything, but in reality, its an active pose. It is a very powerful de-stressor.

Bring your body into table pose. Take your hips back and down and let your hips touch your heels. Connect your ribs to your legs. Extend your arms, press your forehead on the mat, and relax. Breath softly.

Triangle pose: Helps you to open your rib cage, hips, and strengthens your legs. Be soft when you are doing the pose. Use blocks to support your body, and to protect yourself from injuries.

Step your feet wide apart, bend your back sidewise, elevate your left hand and align it with your shoulder. Slowly bring your right hand to the inside of your leg, palm facing out, touching the floor, or holding a block. Open your heart to the sky and look up.

The CompanYogi - Yoga for the Corporate World
Cat-Cow Pose

Cat and Cow pose: This is a great pose to loosen the back muscles. Great after a long day of work.

Start with your body on table pose. Inhale, bring your head and tale up – Let your belly to sink towards the floor. Exhale, round up your back and relax your neck. Repeat the flow as many times as you need.

The CompanYogi - Yoga for the Corporate World
Forward Bend – Triangle Legs

Upward Forward Bend: This forward bend stretches the hamstrings, back, and relaxes the shoulders.

Standing tall with your legs wide open, let your hands rest by your side. Inhale, bring your hands to the sky; Exhale – fold forward and let your arms fall naturally, they might touch the ground. Let your arms fall freely, and rest them wherever they hang. They might be in the center, or maybe you can bring them to your legs, as shown in the picture. Rest in the pose and close your eyes if possible. Let gravity work for you, let your body weight to stretch your back, shoulders, and legs.

These poses can be done in only 20 minutes. Remember that the most critical thing on Yoga is “breathing.” Breathe deeply, bring new oxygen to your body, and exhale with strength, so you release the old air. Purify your blood and relax with every breath.

If your thoughts keep coming to you, welcome them and let them go with peaceful energy. Release, and enjoy the present moment. Feel your body, and surrender to peace.

Sandra Akins

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