Restarting your day at Yoga Brake

One of my students came to me at the end of the class and told me… “Sandra, If it was not for Yoga, I would have already quit my Job, I was losing my mind. I feel great now; I can handle one more day, one more month, I feel energetic”.

It was so sad to hear her saying that, and a the same time it was so good to hear that she is finding a way to release her stress. Our Jobs can be very hard, even when we love them. When the stress, monotony, lack of motivation, and long hours sitting at our desk, our body and mind can take a toll and ultimately we can start or increase health problems.

What Yoga does to your Body and your Mind during high-stress days, is amazing. I have seen people every day, coming to my class totally exhausted. When they leave the class, they are renewed, refreshed and stronger. I can see smiles on their faces. It is incredible. I know Yoga is working its wonders.

If you are new to Yoga, be patient, persistent and perseverant. You will feel so well that the feel good sensation will become addictive, and you will want to practice more very day.

The big reward is that you will be healthier and your mood will improve tremendously.

Pass the voice, one hour of Yoga a day will make you happier, stronger and more relaxed.

Try, you will love it.

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