Thank you for your testimonial

Sandra was instrumental for me beginning my Yoga journey.

Hi, my name is Michael Henderson. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sandra for five years.
I have never known anyone as self-driven to succeed as she is in both her personal and professional life.
What she has accomplished while being a single parent of a beautiful daughter is amazing.
Creating her own business as well as obtaining multiple Yoga certifications.


Mike Henderson

Best Yoga in Dallas!

Thank you Sandra so Much !!!! I love my lunch time yoga.
It makes my day goes faster, and I feel energized. Good mood all day.

Thank you!

Ana Mallone

Ab Sculpting Class BY Sandra

Sandra is a great teacher
She cares for her students and is very patient with us novices. She takes the time to teach one on one while balancing the entire class. If you want results I highly recommend that you give Sandra’s class a try. You will be glad you did. I am. Thank you Sandra!!!!!

Guy Simmons

Smooth and Great!

Sandra has been amazing for our office, she has great smooth transitions and makes sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Would definitely recommend.

Jacob Cohen
Cohen Family Agency

I took many yoga classes

I took many yoga classes in the past. I really enjoy Sandra’s class. I find it to be very personable. It helps to focus on exercise and has meditation aspect to it as well. I feel so good leaving this class. Love it!

Yulia Brown

Best stretching ever

Sandra is a friend of mine and I asked her to help me get ready for a triathlon. I took her stretching class and was shocked how much of a workout it was. I really felt it gave me more mobility and I felt fantastic after the class. Sandra is so knowledgeable on top of the fact that she makes it fun. I highly recommend taking her classes. She’s a stud!

Of the Yoga instructors I’ve tried over the past three years she is by far the best. Highly recommend.”

“Sandra is an excellent instructor. Experienced and knowledgeable, she knows how to adjust the instructions according to the abilities of her students, explaining the “why behind the what” as she leads us through various moves. I’ve modified several of my other exercises activities (stretching and core exercises) based on what I’ve learned in her classes. Of the Yoga instructors I’ve tried over the past three years she is by far the best. Highly recommend.”

My body has never been this strong!

I started taking private classes with Sandra and l noticed how my legs got stronger within 3 months. I am very happy l am practicing with her. I highly recommend her.

Ivonne Simmons