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Kids Yoga is a fun program that introduces Yoga at an early age. Kids Practice Yoga trough play, pretend, story and mainly through imagination.

As we all know, life is very busy and full of electronic devices that take us away from reality, and we have seen how sadly kids are not playing anymore in the real world, they stay connected to their iphones, ipads or any other electronic device. It is sad, because they are losing social skill.

When kids practice yoga in our system, they are notonly practicing Yoga, they are interacticing with each other, and they are practiving to be social.

Mindfullness is very imporat for us. We teach our kids how to be mindful, how to stay in the moment, and what to be mindful really is.

Kids for Yoga is great for kids 3 to 14 years old. It increases flexibility, movement, body strenght, balance and relaxation. You will be surprised, kids love the time when we all relax, and sytart being mindfull and quiet.

I would love to teach your kids. We offre private lessons, school programs, after school programs, and special groups.

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Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Sandra Akins