The CompanYogi is an organization of yoga instructors that provides classes directly at your company.

Our mission is to teach Yoga to your people, we know that they can use a good stretch, and a lovely time to recuperate energy and go back to work in a better mood. Happy people work better and are more productive.

We can accommodate your schedule and your office space.

man standing neck roll yoga

Our history & our Intention

The CompanYogi was born from the intention to provide the healing benefits of Yoga to people that work and live in a busy life contaminated by stress.

Sandra Akins, Founder of The CompanYogi; worked for many years in the corporate world. She knows about the terrible effects on the body by sitting too long on a chair. Some of these consequences are poor circulation, back problems, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and slower metabolism among other problems. Sitting is considered the "New smoking."

Sandra found that Yoga can help reduce and in many cases mitigate these effects. Yoga provides strength, flexibility, mental focus and stress relief. Yoga is by far, one of the best exercises people can do at any age, to reconnect themselves, and to improve their health.


To make the practice of Yoga, a practice well known among all sectors of the Corporate World. So people can not only enjoy the benefits of Yoga, but enjoy lifes in plenitud, living at their maximum capabilities.


Our Mission is to provide High-Quality Yoga Classes to people working at offices and to help them to become stronger, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. With the objective to help people to live a better life.

Meet the Team

Sandra Akins • Founder

Yoga Sandra Akins Team

My Intention

it is my intention to be a teacher and a constant learner. Helping people to improve their Yoga practice, awareness, and conection to themselves.

My Story

Born in Mexico and mother or a sweet little girl, I started my Professional Journey in the field of Communicaions & Marketing. Working as a PR Director of Universidad Cuauhtemoc & Universidad Politecnica in Aguascalientes. Writing also for a Newspaper for 9 years.

I believe that taking care of your body and your soul is the perfect formula to get strong and to get anything in life. If your are happy, you have a better attitud towars life, and if you are healthy, then you have the perfect tool to move towards your goal.

Whitney Wood RYT200

Yoga Sandra Akins Whitney Team

Whitney is a 200 RYS Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and meditation guide. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and her passion for yoga and her enthusiasm for life can be felt through her teaching!  She strives for each student to leave her class feeling both relaxed and accomplished!

Whitney has studied Vinyasa flow, Yogic philosophy, alignment correction, and breathing techniques  in New York City. She has led classes of over 200 people at the outdoor summer series at Sundance Square in Fort Worth and is currently the yoga instructor for the City of Fort Worth's Employee Wellness Program. She values her relationships with her students and is excited to join The Company Yogi!

Valeria Rodriguez RYT 200

Yoga Sandra akins Valeria Team

My journey of yoga began with Bikram style yoga, when I was 16 years old. My goal was to be fit for prom, but what I got out yoga was so much more. Overtime, I continued my practice and learned that yoga helped me with my stress levels during college. After 8 years of yoga I came to a point in my practice where I felt I needed a change. I tried Crossfit for a year, but I found my body and mind wandering back to yoga. Then I was introduced to Vinyasa style yoga, which I immediately fell in love with. During my Vinyasa practice I was laid off and decided it was the perfect point in my life to pursue my passion of teaching yoga. I began my journey as an instructor by earning two certifications and teaching my friends and family. My favorite style to teach is a more upbeat rhythm with a lot of movement, generating heat and excitement!